Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Last night I re-organized a spreadsheet and color coded all of the docs we need, have, already mailed out, etc., what they are for, who they go to and if they require some sort of stamp. Grrr. The good news is that I was shocked at how much we have acomplished. We really and truly are very close to being done! Basically we have all but 3 documents ready for our final dossier. This is very good news.

There is a glitch with the CIS application process, though. The US consulate in Frankfurt is taking a time out from processing them for a few weeks while they review every US social worker's licensure working in Europe and writing homestudies. This has alot to do with the pending Hague Convention. We have been assured that delays in receiving our approval letter will be minimal at best. The fees however, are going to skyrocket after July 31st so our social worker has suggested we get everything we have ready mailed to the CIS office this week- we can forward the homestudy (waiting for an addendum) as soon as it's completely ready.

Tomorrow: postoffice.

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