Monday, June 4, 2007


Today our SW came to our house and we completed our Homestudy interview. It was totally painless but we are happy it's over! Our kitties Appie and Jip behaved like angels so that was a relief. Another bonus was that this visit had motivated us to finish up some home-improvement projects, too.

Once the final draft of the report has been finalized we send it off to the CIS office in Frankfurt, Germany with an application, our fingerprints and copies of other documents. Our 'letter of approval to adopt' should be sent out to us within 4-6 weeks after they recieve our application. It's pretty quick because we are in Europe and the consulate offices here don't process a zillion adoption applications whereas some people back home wait up to 3 months for approval.

Time for a beer!

Next up: Adoption Group Barbque...

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