Tuesday, June 5, 2007

not so charmed

My married name is spelled incorrectly (by one letter) on my Pennsylvania Child Abuse Clearance form. Our SW said that it might cause a glitch processing our CIS application and that I should call the office at the American Consulate in Frankfurt to find out if I need to request a new one. I got the number and called. Wrong number. Got another number from the website, wouldn't go through. Called a third number and the man who anwered asked me to read the numbers I had out loud. Then he proceeded to laugh and say they were wrong. And he kept laughing (not sure why it was so funny!), then put me through to another receptionist who connected me with the CIS office. A voicemail picked up but I couldn't leave a message because it was full. I called the receptionist back, she gave me another number. I called, got lots of automated options, pressed the correct buttons, then when I finally got to the right extension, no one picked up. I tried this two more times with the same problem. I spoke to another receptionist and she said there was nothing she could do- either someone picks up or they don't.

Try again tomorrow....


Teresa said...

Lots of luck and kisses for you Kerry,
today I´m going trough your adoption blog, no chance before to do it, it´s really nice.

This morning I had a similar experience that you, I called my bank in Spain trying to fix some problem with my card, It´s so annoying to speak with a machine! and wait...
After had to call to the consulate, and the guy replying also laughed in my ears because my question. He is the nightmare for the spanish community!he never informs you and only blame you of your problems. Let´s do some activity against the badpeopleonphone!!
Anyway, I was reading you and sound familiar about my feelings this morning!!

Lucky again,

Kathleen said...

Very nice. One little misspelling just snowballs!

Laurence said...

Wow, what a frustrating ordeal! Did you call PGW by mistake? That sure sounds like their work... : )