Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bijna klaar/Almost done!

I mailed the English translation of Hans' birth certificate to CIS in Frankfurt today. That means that our application for CIS is done. And as long as our Homestudy arrives safe and sound from our SW's agency, we should be good to go. Just a few more weeks and we will finally be able to submit all docs for our dossier...I imagine that will be a crazy few days. For now though, we feel relieved that this step is done. Fingers crossed it there aren't any glitches.

My copy of Harry Potter arrived today! Thanks mum :)


Anonymous said...

Whew! Congratulations!!
love, Mb

Anonymous said...

Dear Kerry, you must feel relieved that this part is behind you! We're thinking of you a lot!

PS: Brechtje can't wait to get the Dutch translation of HP!

Love Tineke and co

Kerry said...

Yes, phew is right!

Wij denken over jullie ook! HP is geweldig. Ik wil niet naar werk gaan :) Ik wil het hele dag lezen! xx