Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We spent last night organizing our docs and I-600A application to send to CIS in Frankfurt for processing (the one with our fingerprints). Finally!

While standing in line at the post office this morning I took one more look at everything. Good thing I'm a little OCD because in very tiny print on the application I saw: "use black ink". Naturally, I had filled it in with blue. But for the payment form at the top said, "Use blue ink". I had completed that one first and just kept using the same pen. Went back home, found a black pen, printed out a new one, filled it out, went back to the post office and finally got to work at 12:30.

But the good news is that it's done and should arrive at the Consulate tomorrow. And it only makes sense that because our SW insisted that we send the application today, all of that happened and it cost almost 50 euro to send, that the sworn and certified translation of Hans' birth certificate would arrive late this afternoon. So, back to the post office tomorrow. Our homestudy is, according to our SW, on it's way to Germany, too.

I am leaving out all the hellish back and forth, little dramas with the CIS office, countless forms filled in again and again (such small spaces to write in!) because I am simply too tired. Let's just say it's been an incredibly trying week.

Glass of wine then bed.


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